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Georgia Tech presents…


STEAM Workshops Announced for Winter 2018 and Spring 2019!

K.I.D.S. Club and STEAM Workshops Winter Session Dates:
Saturday, December 8, 2018 from 1-4 PM
Saturday, January 19, 2018 from 1-4 PM

2018-2019 STEAM Workshops

Getting to the Heart of Biology
Grade Level: 6th-8th Grade
Dates: Choose either December 8, 2018, or January 19, 2019

Micro:bits Mania
Grade Level: 6th-12th Grade
Dates: Choose either December 8, 2018, or January 19, 2019

LEGO Mindstorms
Grade Level: 6th-8th Grade
Dates: Choose either February 23, 2019, or March 9, 2019

Introduction to App & Game Development
Grade Level: 6th and Up
Dates: Choose from the following: December 8, 2018, January 19, 2019, February 23, 2019, or March 9, 2019

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Young Eagles…Pilot Program!


Interested in Aviation?
Check out this amazing program.

Holiday Give Drive…


Collecting #Legos, can goods, shoes/ clothing #giftcards.

Join Us. The J’Lore Foundation.

Making a difference.
Thank you.

J. Jones

#Ministry in Action.

Ready for Success!


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Concept to Conclusion…


I enjoy watching our engineers as they discover concepts in technology and engineering. There is no perfect solution.

They are challenged to go beyond- their day to day idea of learning; to gathering data, and piecing ideas together to create something amazing.

Unlike traditional text book formats, engineers are forced to push beyond their comfort zone.

Real world experience in the classroom.

Once their discovery is made- the look on their face is priceless.

After the light bulb moment:

Engineers become the coach…teaching concepts to their peers. Awesome!

J. Jones

Types of Parents…

Ready to Soar? Welcome

A personal note from e3 Founder / Director…

Discovering your Child’s Interests…

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Imagine a world, where everyone worked in the field they were completely passionate about.

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1.Consider opportunities, and exposure experiences that excite your child.

2. Sit and discuss each adventure, likes and dislikes.

3. Give your child opportunities to expand and grow in their thinking; and overall development.

Have fun while learning! Enjoy.

J. Jones

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